July 7th (6th?), 2013 was the first broadcast of LPFWA, and it crowned 5 different champions and spawned several feuds and storylines.

Match 1: Sabateini vs. SchirEdit

Winner: Schir (Submission)
This was probably the most even match out of all of the matches that night. Schir and Sab went back and forth for a staggering 15 minutes before Schir made Sab tap out.

Match 2: Big Noodle Fucker vs. SpeedyardEdit

Winner: BNF (Submission)
The crowd favorite for this match was Speedyard, but what the crowd did not know was that Speedyard was a jobber, and BNF was the best wrestler in the association. Needless to say, the crowd was stunned when BNF made Speedy tap.

Match 3: Junpei Hyde vs. Hessie (cage match)Edit

Winner: Junpei Hyde (Escape)

For a long portion of the match, it appeared that Hessie would win, but he fell asleep on the cage and got pulled down. After that, Junpei escaped.

Match 4: Terara Drakon vs. Aurora (Ladder match)(For the Kawaii title)Edit

Winner: Terara (:3)

For the majority of the match, Aurora dominated with all of her suplexes, but Terara exploited a glitch in the game's AI and, after putting Aurora to sleep, placed the ladder and grabbed the suitcase, winning the match and title.

Match 5: Kadorhal and Mecca Prime vs. QuantumCrayons and SoapyNome (For the Co-Comm title)Edit

Winners: QC and Soapy (pinfall)

The Administrators just pummeled the shit out of Mecca for the entire match, which actually lasted pretty damn long considering that Kad wouldn't switch in, and it was mostly Mec in there. This match is why Kadorhal is the most reviled heel in LPFWA, and started several feuds.

Match 6: 20 Man Royal Rumble (For the Buscus, Featured LPer, and LPF Championship titles)Edit

Entered Wrestler Eliminated Eliminated by Notes
1 Ultigonio 1st Mecca Prime In and out
2 Mecca Prime 6th SoapyNome 3 outs
3 Fruitsniffer 2nd Mecca Prime Lasted less than half a minute
4 Junpei Hyde 4th SoapyNome
5 Kadorhal 5th Succinct and Punchy
6 SoapyNome 10th Black Lasted a damn long time
7 Big Noodle Fucker 3rd Mecca Prime
8 Succinct and Punchy 7th SoapyNome
9 Sakimoto Fanboy 9th Black
10 Schir 8th IGgy Went on the ropes at least 5 times
11 Black 13th Cyrekk Vicious
12 IGgy 11th Northernlion
13 Northernlion 14th Cyrekk
14 Sabateini 17th Krimsh
15 Speedyard 15th Sabateini
16 Hessie 12th Northernlion
17 Cyrekk 16th QuantumCrayons
18 QuantumCrayons Winner
19 Krimsh 18th Rath
20 Rath-Dragonatrix 19th QuantumCrayons Won Featured LPer title
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