July 13, 2013 was the second official broadcast of LPFWA. It had 6 matches in total.

Match 1: Ultigonio vs. FruitsnifferEdit

Winner: Ultigonio (lost the Buscus Title)

This match had a pretty clear winner right from the get-go. Fruitsniffer showed that he was as bad as you'd expect, and Ultigonio surprised with how aggressive he was.

Match 2: Succinct and Punchy vs. KrimshEdit

Winner: Punchy

This match was hard to watch. Krimsh started the match with a nice offence, but Punchy went positively berserk on the poor old man, as Punchy started punching and never stopped. He executed his specials at least a dozen times. Whenever Krimsh tried doing anything, he would get punched. The match ended in a countout with the spectators in the official unofficial skype call watching on in horror, proclaiming Krimsh to be dead.

Match 3: Mecca Prime vs. KadorhalEdit

Winner: Mecca Prime

Man, we're glad Mec won this one.

Match 4: Schir vs. Big Noodle FuckerEdit

Winner: Big Noodle Fucker

Schir bled through his helmet and proved that he really doesn't know how to wrestle. While BNF would grab sledgehammers and guitars, Schir grabbed chairs to sit down in while drinking water that he also grabbed. Nobody was surprised when BNF pinned Schir.

Match 5: Cyrekk vs. Rath-DragonatrixEdit

Winner: Rath

Before beginning the match, Cyrekk proclaimed that he had drunk of the blood in Schir's helmet. This proved to be his downfall, as absorbing the power of Schir seems to imply that one becomes a worse wrestler.

Rath was the real surprise in this match. Everyone expected him to lose, but he dominated the entire match and pulled out on top.

Match 6: Battle Royal featuring Der Uber Owner, BFC, Hessie, Sakimoto Fanboy, Sabateini, and BlackEdit

Winner: Sakimoto Fanboy (#1 contender for LPFWA title)

Many of the viewers had believed that Black would win this match, given his amazing performance in the 2013-07-07 Royal Rumble. Everyone was shocked when he was one of the first out. Saki really surprised in this match, pinning over half of his competition. Whether this was a fluke or not remains to be seen.

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