July 20th, 2013 was the third official broadcast of LPFWA.

link to the broadcast

Match 1: Pokecrysis vs. Fruitsniffer (for the Buscus Title)Edit

Winner: Fruitsniffer (lost the Buscus title)

Pokecrysis starts out dominating the match, but when they leave the ring, Pokecrysis takes the lead. Fruitsniffer put Pokecrysis through the table. Fruitsniffer eventually pinned Pokecrysis on the second pin attempt.

In the plot following the match, Cyrekk called out Rath on getting screwed the previous broadcast, and demanded an inferno match between the two in the following week.

Match 2: Schir vs. Frosty the DragonEdit

Winner: Schir (Frosty decided to wrestle the ref)

Frosty started by dominating the match. He threw Schir around a lot outside the ring. 90% of the match took place outside the ring after Schir made him bleed. Frosty attacked the ref

In the cutscene following the match: Junpei and Mecca said "Fuck you, Kad" and had a backstage brawl.

Match 3: Junpei Hyde and Mecca Prime vs. Kadorhal (backstage brawl)Edit

Winner: Junpei and Mec (K.O)

Mecca and Junpei knocked Kad out.

Match 4: Sakimoto Fanboy vs. SpeedyardEdit

Winner: Saki (pinfall)

Surprising nobody, Saki won.

In the cutscene following the match, Schir challenged IGgy (not BNF) to an I Quit match during the Wall of Golden Stuff.

Match 5: Belgian vs. Hessie (Extreme Rules)Edit

Winner: Hessie (pinfall) Hessie dominated most of the match, and was the first to get a weapon. Hessie put Belgian through the table and made him bleed. Hessie pinned Belgian.

In the plot following the match, Junpei was taking a break from his Kawaii training, when Aurora came in and said she was going to win the Kawaii title next week. Aurora used the door to leave. The door that isn't connected to anything.

Match 6: Cyrekk vs. Mecca Prime (Friendly Exhibition Match)Edit

Winner: Cyrekk (submission)

Cyrekk started out strong, but after whiffing a jump, Mec started taking the lead, buyt then Cyrekk flew at Mecca from the ropes twice in a row. Mecca started bleeding insanely quickly, possibly even beating Schir's record. Mecca countered a fly from the top ropes and holy shit this match is amazing. Cyrekk made Mec tap. THIS IS A FUCKING AMAZING MATCH. GO WATCH IT.

In the cutscene follwing the match, Kad attacked Mecca, but Cyrekk rushed back in and kicked him right the fuck out of the ring, and Mec and Cy shared a knowing look in agreeing that Kad is a dick, and fuck him.

Match 7: SoapyNome and QuantumCrayons vs. Krimsh and BNF (Co-comm title)Edit

Winner: Team Dark Souls (pin)

Holy shit.

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