The show on the 27th of July was the first LPFWA PPV: The Wall of Golden Stuff. The match card is now complete and is as follows.

Match 1: Sabateini vs. FruitsnifferEdit

Winner: Fruitsniffer (submission)

Match 2: Krimsh vs. Succinct and PunchyEdit

Following the sheer domination Punchy had on 2013-07-13, their rematch was a Last Man Standing match. Good luck Krimsh!

In a one-sided beat-down, Punchy punched old man Krimsh into a KO. Winner: Punchy (KO)

Match 3: Ultigonio vs. BlackEdit

Ultigonio met Black backstage and challenged him for his title.

Winner: Black (KO)

Match 4: Kadorhal vs. Mecca PrimeEdit

Kad betrayed Mecca in the first show, and this was their grudge match. Who will win?

Winner: Kad

Match 4: Schir vs. IGgy IGsenEdit

On 2013-07-20, Schir cornered IGgy backstage and challenged him to an I Quit match, accusing him of never competing in a wrestling match. IGgy is not allowed to bail and be replaced by the BNF this time. If he does, he automatically loses because that's some right bullshit there.

Winner: IGgy

Match 5: Team Dark Souls vs. The Feedback Crew (Co-Commentary Title Match)Edit

Though their opponents are not yet confirmed, Team Dark Souls will be defending their newly obtained titles against somebody. Their opponents are The Feedback Crew, which consists of Speedyard and BFC.

Winner: Team Dark Souls

Match 6: Terara Drakon vs. Aurora (Kawaii Title Match)Edit

In Terara's first defence of her Kawaii title, she shall be facing Aurora. It is unknown if Terara herself is even aware of this fact yet, as the only people other than Aurora who confirmed to know about it are Junpei Hyde, IGgy and Door.

Winner: Terara.

Match 7: Kawaii Jumpy-Chan vs. AuroraEdit

Kawaii Jumpy-chan is revealed! And then promptly knocked out by Aurora's Plex-a-tron.

Winner: Aurora (countout)

Match 8: Rath-Dragonatrix vs. Cyrekk (Featured LPer Title Match)Edit

On 2013-07-20, Cyrekk announced that he had been granted a rematch at Wall of Golden Stuff, and that this time it was an Inferno Match.

Rath proves that he deserved the Featured Title by beating Cyrekk in record time.

Winner: Rath

Match 8: QuantumCrayons vs. Sakimoto Fanboy (LPFWA Championship Title Match)Edit

After Saki won the 6 Man Battle Royale on 2013-07-13 by singlehandedly pinning half of his opponents, he had been granted the #1 Contender status for the title. In QuantumCrayon's first defence - in a Ladder Match no less - can he defeat his fellow Administrator, or will he fall to the Awesome Swedish Power?

QC did not fall to the Awesome Swedish Power, and ended up pinning Saki.

Winner: QC.

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