Episode one of arc two of Season One, this show led up to the first Money in the Bank match.

Match 1: Northernlion vs. PokeCrysisEdit

Winner: Pokecrysis

It was a heated match, but eventually Pokecrysis ended up getting the pin, giving the Buscus Title to Northernlion.

Match 2: IGgy vs. StichezEdit

Winner: Stichez

In his debut match, Stichez revealed himself to be a total mystery, somehow getting the pin on IGgy.

Match 3: Black vs. PunchyEdit

Winner: Black

Even though it's a foregone conclusion that Black will win any and all Backstage Brawls, viewers were curious to see how Punchy's pugilism would fare against Black's incredible street fighting skills. Black KOed Punchy, showing that fist does not beat pile driver.

Match 4: Kadorhal vs. RathEdit

Winner: Kadorhal

This was a submission match for the Featured LPer Title. Now, with Rath being a specialized submission wrestler, you'd expect him to win. Both wrestlers had a high pain tolerance, but Rath eventually tapped out after nearly eighteen minutes of nonstop wrestling, giving Kad the title in the process.

Match 5: ZLFAurora vs. Kawaii Jumpy-Chan vs. SneezeweedEdit

Winner: Aurora (pinned Sneezeweed)

In this triple threat match, the entire Kawaii division was pitted against each other. There were many points in the match where it appeared that Junpei would get the pin, but she was always interrupted by Aurora. At some point, Junpei fell unconscious and so was unable to prevent Aurora from pinning Sneezeweed.

Match 6: Punchy vs. Cyrekk vs. QuantumCrayons vs. Mecca Prime vs. Kadorhal vs. BFCEdit

Winner: BFC

This was an interesting match. However, everyone started fighting everyone else and BFC, being the only pacifist in the ring, decided to cling on to the briefcase so as to hide from the rest of the wrestlers. He didn't realize that he'd won until the ref suddenly told him that the match was over and that he had won.

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