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May 30, 2023 marked the second episode of the first arc of Season Two. It was the start of the tournament arc. The commentators for this show were IGgy IGsen, Schir, and Terara Drakon. This show was notable for having a shoot at the end of the show that nobody could have predicted.

Match #1 - Buscus Brawl: Fruitsniffer vs. Interrupter JonesEdit

Winner: Jones

Interrupter Jones continually interrupted Fruity's attempts to hug him, and eventually got the pin. Fruity has successfully defended his Buscus Title.

Match #2 - Finisher Match?: Frosty The Dragon vs. Sterv vs. FaceEdit

Winner: Sterv

In this one-sided squash, Sterv pinned both of his opponents.

Match #3 - Finisher Match?: Pyroi vs. Lazyfire vs. DanaruEdit

Winner: Danaru

Pyroi and Danaru initially teamed up on Lazyfire, but after Lazyfire was eliminated, Danaru managed to use his finisher on Pyroi to get the pin and win the match.

After the match, Face approached Dash Rendar, asking for his co-operation in next week's tag-team match. Face initially offered 20 bucks, but Dash drove a hard bargain, accepting nothing less than thirty dollars for his assistance.

Match #4 - Extreme Rules: Dash Rendar vs. AnilEhilated vs. MehuyaelEdit

Winner: AnilEhilated

Dash Rendar was eliminated pretty quickly, and so it turned into a match between Mehuyael and AnilEhilated. Nobody on the commentary team was sure who to root for. On the one hand, AnilE was a goon, and on the other hand Mehuyael was an actual villain. While the commentary team was figuring out who they hated less, AnilEhilated got the pin.

Match #5 - Triple Threat: Succinct and Punchy vs. kalonZombie vs. StichezEdit

Winner: kalonZombie

In this first blood match, kalonZombie made neither of his opponents bleed, but pins apparently also count so sure. I guess.

Match #6 - Triple Threat: Interrupter Jones vs. Loki vs. MidnightlightEdit

Winner: Punchy

The match starts out as normal. All of the wrestlers enter the ring to their proper music. The match begins. Loki's gone, and Punchy's taken his place. The commentators insist that something must have gone wrong, and so restart the match. Punchy's still there. Loki's still gone. The LPFWA commissioner steps in, saying to let things play out. It's a first blood match. Jones starts bleeding, but interrupts the ref's decision to get him out of the match. Midnightlight then starts bleeding as well, but also doesn't leave the ring. The commentary team declares Punchy to be the winner, but the ref hasn't sounded the bell. Midnightlight is pinned. Jones soon follows. Punchy is the undisputed winner of the round, despite having been knocked out of the tournament not 30 minutes prior. Loki's music starts playing. The game is insisting that Punchy is Loki. There are no words from the commentary team, just astonished laughter.

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