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Plot 1: QC comes out and talks about how he's hosting this WOGS event.

Match 1: Sterv vs. AnilEhilated (Last Man Standing) Edit

Winner: Sterv (stood up longer)

Match 2: Loki vs. Big Scary Owl (inferno match) Edit

Winner: Lokistarwind (kicked Owl out)

Plot 2: Starkiller (Galen Marek) and Dash Rendar talk. Starkiller mentions he's working for Darth Ladorhal. Starkiller and Dash fall deeply in love.

Match 3: Galen Marek vs. Dash Rendar (Lover's Quarrel) Edit

Winner: Galen Marek (pin)

Plot 3: IGgy and Schir discuss their dumb yearly match. IGgy mentioned he was 9-0

Match 4: IGgy vs. Schir (I quit) Edit

Winner: Schir (The streak is over! 9-1!)

Plot 4: AnilEhilated talks about Standgate. He says nothing new. Dr. Rath pops in to explain everything. He says that Standgate is all a big joke. Punchy knocked Loki out and hid him under the ring. Rath is also one of the champions, holding Black's title.

Match 5: Midnightlight and Face (Beyond Face and Heel) vs. Immortan Joe and Lazyfire (Team Fury Road) Edit

Winner: Immortan Joe and Lazyfire (Pinned midnightlight) (New champions!)

Plot 5: Talcott Cargo has a nightmare about the Chicken Chicken Chicken CHICKEN!!

Match 5.5: BFC (human) vs. BFC (chicken) Edit

Winner: BFC (chicken)

Plot 6: BFC goes to his match as his old chicken self.

Match 6: IGgy vs. BFC Edit

Winner: IGgy (KO)

Plot 7: IGgy talks to Palpy about his match against Nuffogan. Palpatine rips off one of the Ultimate Warrior's promos. Palpy is a fan of old wrestling.

Match 7: Nuffkins vs. Palpatine (for the Featured LPer Title) Edit

Winner: Nuffkins (pin)

Plot 8: IGgy catches up with Divine Coffee Binge and interviews her. IGgy wonders if the people are crazier than usual.

Match 8: Divine Coffee Binge vs. ZLFAurora (for the Kawaii Title) Edit

Winner: Aurora (Submission)(Suplex count: 21)

Match 9: Sterv vs. Loki (for the LPFWA title) Edit

Winner: Sterv (pinned Loki)

Plot 9: Rath is challenged by Jones and FinalGamer for the title.

Match 10: Rath vs. Interrupter Jones vs. FinalGamer (triple threat) Edit

Winner: Dr. Rath (KOed the other few)

Plot 10: Rath says that those two weren't a part of his master plan. He's disappointed they were unable to defeat Rath, since he was absent for ten years. Dr. Rath is now a real doctor. He barely left the house for ten years because he had Black's title.

Non-canon match 1: Nuffkins vs. Schir vs. BFC (Ladder Match tiebreaker for a Steam game) Edit

Winner: BFC (got the briefcase)

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