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Match 1: Zore v. Palpy (Buscus Title) Edit

Winner: Palpatine

Plot 1: IGgy interviews Paul Heyman, who speaks for Boob Marley. Boob can only speak about how large his chest is. Everything else is his insatiable urge to destroy smaller chests.

Match 2: Boob Marley vs. LORD OF BUTT Edit


Plot 2: Frederick Hope and Gryph Hammer talk. Gryph mentions he's going to interrup Interrupter Jones's match. Also he mentions that there are a lot of animals.

Match 3: Danaru (A) vs. Punchy (B) Edit

Winner: Succinct and Punchy

Plot 3: Galen Marek asks Fruitsniffer to teach him how to hug. They discuss it.

Match 4: Galen Marek vs. Fruitsniffer Edit

Winner: Fruitsniffer

Plot 4: Sterv asks Simsmagic if he can take over for him in the next match. Simsmagic is hesitant, but Sterv, the cat, makes a convincing argument to Simsmagic, the fish.

Match 5: Sterv vs. Gryph Hammer vs. Interrupter Jones Edit

Winner: Sterv

Plot 5: Simsmagic approaches Dr. Rath for a fight. He really wants to debut. He's surprised when Dr. Rath accepts his challenge.

Match 5: Dr. Rath vs. Simsmagic (Black's Title) Edit

Winner: Dr. Rath

Plot 6: Dr. Rath didn't realize that Simsmagic was an actual wrestler. He thought Simsmagic was just another kid from the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Match 6: EEEvil vs. Aurora (Kawaii Title) Edit

Winner: EEEvil

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