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Match 1: Zore vs. Atsl (Buscus) Edit

Winner: Atsl McFluffybottom

Plot 1: Paul Heyman says some things about Boob Marley and how he's actually good.

Match 2: Flamander vs. Frosty the Dragon Edit

Winner: Frosty the Dragon

Plot 2: Punchy and Junpei start a feud. Junpei and Junpei also start a feud.

Match 3: Dash Rendar vs. Eclectic Tastes Edit

Winner: Eclectic Tastes

Plot 3: Palpatine and Galen talk a bit.

Match 4: Palpy vs. Oblivion4568238 Edit

Winner: Palpatine

Plot 4: Frosty and BFC discuss how they'll reopen their business.

Match 5: Junpei vs. BFC (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs) Edit

Winner: Junpei Hyde

Plot 5: The commentators and Junpei wonder what's in the briefcase.

Match 6: QC vs. Schir vs. Frosty vs. Fred Hope vs. KalonZombie vs. IGgy (#1 contender) Edit

Winner: Frederick Hope

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