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Plot 1: We establish how much food was stolen. The only water left is pool water, and Rara only has half a cupcake left. The part without frosting.

Match 1: Boob Marley vs. LORD OF BUTT Edit

Winner: Boob Marley

Match 2: Dash Rendar vs. Galen Marek Edit

Winner: Dash Rendar

Plot 2: Galen and Dash kiss. Jamie the D runs in and explains who stole the food. AnilEhilated runs in to explain who stole the food.

Match 3: Punchy vs. Junpei Edit

Winner: Succinct and Punchy

Plot 3: Junpei thinks Jojo's is super rad now, after being forced to watch it. Punchy and Junpei team up.

Match 4: BFC (A) vs. Frosty the Dragon (B) Edit

Winner: Frosty the Dragon

Plot 4: BFC and Frosty make infinite pizza.

Plot 5: Atsl challenges Rath to a match.

Match 5: Atsl McFluffybottom vs. Dr. Rath Edit

Winner: Dr. Rath

Match 6: Lazyfire and Immortan Joe vs. kalonZombie and Heavenator (co-comm title match) Edit

Winner: Lazyfire and Immortan Joe

Plot 6: Pomp finds DCB in caffeine withdrawl.

Match 7: Nuffkins vs. Danaru (LP Superstar Title match) Edit

Winner: Danaru

Match 8: Rara vs. EEEvil (Kawaii title match) Edit

Winner: EEEvil

Match 9: Sterv vs. Frederick Hope (LPFWA title match) Edit

Winner: Frederick Hope

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