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Plot 1: Walter Dee and BNF had a conversation.

Match 1: Walter Dee vs. Zore Edit

Winner: Walter Dee

Plot 2: Pomp talks to Rath. They're going to give DCB a coffee transfusion.

Match 2: Grim Darkflame vs. Pvt. Scott Edit

Winner: Pvt. Scott

Plot 3: Lazyfire and Immortan Joe argue how awful anime is with Junpei and Punchy.

Match 3: Pomp vs. Lokistarwind Edit

Winner: Lokistarwind

Plot 4: El the Chad, someone who looks a lot like Dash but isn't, talks with Lord of Butt. The el Chad tries to sell some food to Lord of Butt, and is looking for Galen Marek.

Match 4: Lazyfire and Immortan Joe vs. Punchy and Junpei Edit

Winner: Lazyfire and Immortan Joe

Plot 5: Divine Coffee Binge is now made of coffee.

Match 5: Divine Coffee Binge vs. Cutie McFluffybottom Edit

Winner: Cutie McFluffybottom

Match 6: Danaru vs. Face (LP Superstar title) Edit

Winner: Face

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