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Match 1: Zore vs. Midnightlight Edit

Winner: Zore

Plot 1: The anime crew discuss which anime they'll watch next.

Match 2: Stichez vs. Palpatine Edit

Winner: Stichez

Plot 2: Midnightlight speaks in tongues at The El Chad Senor Dave. I think he sells the Buscus title to him? El Dave is trying to learn how to speak Mexican.

Match 3: AnilEhilated vs. Flamander Edit

Winner: AnilEhilated

Plot 3: Loki's anime friend was killed.

Match 4: Heavenator vs. FinalGamer Edit

Winner: FinalGamer

Plot 4: Schir talks with Rath for a bit. Schir learns that we don't hire animals. We hire animal people.

Match 5: Big Scary Owl vs. Schir Edit

Winner: Schir

Match 6: Pvt. Scott vs. EEEvil (Kawaii Title Match) (2 out 3 falls) Edit

Winner: Pvt. Scott (2-0)

Non-Canon Royal Rumble: Edit

Winner: Lokistarwind

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