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Match #1 - Big Scary Owl vs. LORD OF BUTT Edit

Winner: Big Scary Owl by Pinfall

Plot: Referee Joe approaches Pyroi and Walter Dee backstage and inquires whether Walter is the person living inside Pyroi. He isn't. The person inside Pyroi invites Joe and Walter to come inside Pyroi for some cookies.

Match #2 - Pyroi vs. FinalGamer Edit

Winner: Pyroi by Submission

Plot: Dash comes out of hiding and approaches Galen, but Galen has fallen for the El Chad. Dash is devastated.

Match #3 - Walter Dee vs. QC Edit

Winner: Quantum Crayons by Pinfall

Plot: Junpei demands his match to be a flaming tables match for flaming tables are a samurai's soul.

Match #4 - Stichez, Loki and Flamander vs. Emperor Palpatine, anilEhilated and Gryph Hammer Edit

Winner: Gryph Hammer pins Loki, Stichez pins Palpatine, Flamander performs the motherfucking Worm on anilEhilated and pins him (Timestamp in video: 1:09:50), Grpyh pins Flamander, Gryph submits Stichez. The Anti Anime Aggregation wins.

Match #5 Anime Prime vs. Anti Anime Aggregation (Co-comm title match) - Junpei and Punchy vs. Lazyfire and Immortan Joe Edit

Winner: Lazyfire puts Junpei through a burning table

Plot: Turns out Lazyfire and Immortan Joe are way into Dragon Ball Z and just didn't know it was an anime. Everyone is friends now and they'll all go watch some DBZ some time.

Match #6 - LP Superstar Title match. - Face vs. Pomp Edit

Winner: Pomp submits Face

Plot: Frederick Hope comes to Rath, begging for a Match. He would be devastated to not have a match at a PPV. Rath says he'll think about it.

Match #7 - Kawaii Title Match - Pvt. Scott vs. Aurora Edit

Winner: Aurora by Submission

Match #8 - LPFWA Title Match - Frederick Hope vs. Dr. Rath Edit

Winner: Frederick Hope by Pinfall

Non-Canon Match at WM 9 for the WWE Championship - Eclectic Tastes vs. John Cena Edit

Winner: John Fucking Cena by Five Moves of Doom what a fucking dick, nobody asked for this.

Plot: Palpy crushes the car Lazyfire is in with a monster truck. Several times. Over and over. Holy shit.

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