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Plot: Palpatine barges into BNF's office, where IGgy had passed out on the desk, outraged that he's been scheduled for the Buscus Brawl. IGgy causes him to leave in frustration with a BNF impression, but Palpatine says it's not over.

#1 Buscus Brawl: Zore vs. Emperor Palpatine (nine-gear crow) Edit

Winner: Emperor Palpatine (pinfall)

#2 One on One: Stichez vs. BFC Edit

Winner: BFC (pinfall)

Plot: Eclectic Tastes and Gryph Hammer build further heat for their "grudge match" at the Sandcastle PPV next week, Jobbo Fett crashes the promo in an attempt to expose the proceedings as a charade.

#3 That Submission thing those two guys are having: Boob Marley vs. Eclectic Tastes Edit

Winner: Boob Marley (submission)

Plot: Out of respect for Eclectic Tastes' acceptance of his challenge despite the obvious disadvantage of going up against a submission specialist in a submission match, Boob agrees to join the Order of Radical Athletes. Eclectic Tastes explains the primary functions of stables. Everyone learns a valuable lesson about friendship.

#4 Random Tag Match featuring Stables?: LORD OF BUTT and FinalGamer vs. Atsl McFluffybottom (Rara) and Galen Marek (Trizophenie) Edit

Winner: LORD OF BUTT and FinalGamer (pinfall)

Plot: Dash is momentarily happy about his new stable, until Face beats him senseless and Palpatine reveals that he's taken the stable and renamed it the Obliterators of the Rebel Alliance, and vows to destroy the LPFWA and teach IGgy a lesson that is most certainly not about friendship. Face says something about his departed fedora but nobody cared.

#5 Last Man Standing: Dr. Rath (Dragonatrix) vs. kalonZombie Edit

Winner: Dr. Rath (count-out)

Plot: Galen Marek returns from his tag match that Palpatine used to distract him from his coup, and confronts Palpatine about it. Palpatine brushes it off and tells Galen to go help out a new recruit, the El Chad. Galen relents without much of a fight.

#6 Kawaii Title Match: Aurora (c) vs. Eeevil Edit

Winner: EEEvil (Simsmagic)


#0 John Cena Match: John Cena vs. anilEhilated Edit

Winner: John Cena (Attitude Adjustment #cenagate)

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