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Match #1 - Zanzibar Ham's Debut, finally: Jobbo Fett vs. Zanzibar Ham Edit

Winner: Zanzibar ham Pins Jobbo Fett

Plot: Palpatine chokeslams IGgy into a fire pit, what a dick! The sandcastle is now on fire.

Match #2 - Try to hit the worm on that, loser! Atsl McFluffybottom (Terara Drakon) and Galen Marek (Trizophenie) vs. Flamander Edit

Winner: Atsl and Galen pin Flamander because the don't want to see the worm. Fucking philistines.

Plot: Galen and the El Chad (clearly anilEhilated) have a conversation, then Dash arrives and tries to convince Galen that he's the El Chad. Again. the El Chad wants to expose something. Galen wants the El Chad to expose himself.

Match #3 - FLAMING TABLES!!! The El Chad vs. Dash Rendar Edit

Winner: the El Chad puts the Dash Rendar through the flaming table

Plot: Face challenges Midnightlight to a match. Face is pretty damn paranoid about his Fedora, it turns out.

Match #4 - Friend vs. Friend, Hell in a Cell! Face vs. Midnightlight Edit

Winner: Midnightlight won by Pinfall

Plot: IGgy returns from the dead but he's a mummy now. He's pissed (as in angry, not as in drunk) and takes back over LPFWA

Intermission: An unauthorized Broadcast from Dash Rendar shows how Palpy is being a dick to some people, especially Galen. Dash then brings back the food that he and JamieTheD stole and distributes it freely. Through a fucking hose!

Match #5 - Co-comm Title Match: Immortan Joe (cc) and Loki vs. Fruitsniffer and Pomp (representing the Order of Radical Athletes) Edit

Winner: Loki submitted Fruitsniffer

Match #6 - LP Superstar Title Match: Gryph Hammer (c) vs. Eclectic Tastes Edit

Winner: Eclectic Tastes won by pinfall.

Match #7 - Kawaii Title Match: Eeevil vs. Grim Darkflame Edit

Winner: Spoilers: Eeevil Wins (Pinfall)

Match #8 - LPFWA Championship Match / Black's Title Match - Special Referee: Frederick Hope vs. Emperor Palpatine (nine-gear crow) with Special Referee Galen Marek Edit

Winner: Frederick Hope defends his Title, Palpatine looks like an idiot now. Right Palpy, yeah, you lost, hahahahahahah.

Plot: Junpei challenges to a match for Black's Title but then John Fucking Cena appears out of nowhere and reminds Junpei that he promised to fight him at Wrestlemania IX. Junpei is very excited to fight John Cena.

Match #J0 - John Cena Match: John Cena vs. Junpei Hyde Edit

Winner: Junpei Hyde! Holy shit, he won, put JC aka John Cena through a fucking Burning Table. Hell. Fucking. Yes.

Match #P - John Cenaa ves three palatapiesn God. what thefuck. John Cena vs. Paltatine and Palatpantine and Paltanap adfjklafjalöksdjhak Edit

Winner: Fucking Palpatine fuck you alatlanein Shit.

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