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Plot: Palpatine talks about something. I kinda zoned out here.

Match #1 - Buscus Brawl: Zore vs. Frederick Hope Edit

Result: Frederick Hope pins Zore

Plot: Aurora and Darkflame complain about being put into a bra and panties match. They decide to just have a normal match instead and force the Referee into going along with it. 

Match #2 - One on One: Aurora vs. Grim Darkflame Edit

Result: Darkflame pins Aurora

Plot: IGgy comes to BNF and tells him he'll be out of town for a while so BNF has to take over for IGgy in the upcoming match. But BNF is actually IGgy's opponent. So IGgy makes Referee Joe fill in for BNF so BNF can fill in for IGgy.

Match #3 - One on One: IGgy vs. BNF Edit

Result: Referee Joe, representing BNF, Wins against BNF, representing IGgy by pinfall

Match #4 - One on One: Face vs. Junpei Hyde Edit

Result: Face pins Junpei. But it doesn't count because it's not Flaming Tables.

Match #5 - One on One: Interrupter Jones vs. Zanzibar Ham Edit

Result: Zanzibar Ham submits Jones

Match #6 - Handicap Match: Galen Marek, Succinct and Punchy & Stichez vs. Emperor Palpatine Edit

Result: Not Palpatine. Everone went against Palpy.

Plot: With Punchy and Stichez having gone against Palpy in the match Galen thanks them for helping out but lets them know he's not ready to completely betray Palpatine and join them.


Non-canon Match #0 - Undertaker Match! Undertaker vs. Nuffkins Edit

Result: The Undertaker buries Nuffkins. 1-0 for the Dead Man

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