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Scene #1: Palpy celebrates winning against Taker, IGgy interrupts and yells that it is not canon, Palpy says it's fucking canon, bitch. IGgy announces that they'll settle this entire dumb takeover thing next week at the PPV

Match #1 - Buscus Brawl: Zore vs. Yeezus (Grand Debut of not Kanye) Edit

Result: Yeezus pins Zore

Scene #2: Eclectic Tastes comes up to IGgy challenging him for a GRUDGE MATCH at the PPV. He insists that both of them fight in their true forms. IGgy reluctantly accepts.

Match #2 - One on One: JamieTheD vs. Schir Edit

Result: Jamie wins by pinfall

Match #3 - One on One: Frosty The Dragon vs. Fruitsniffer Edit

Result: Frosty pins Fruity

Scene #3: Eeevil representing the Women's fraction speaks up in the ring to comment on the disturbing lack of women's matches. There's some new talent that didn't even have a chance to prove themselves yet. Palpy appears and says they'd get some air time if they wore less clothes, IGgy comes in and says it's totally cool for them to have matches but that damn Palpy's in the way.

Match #4 - Extreme Rules: Face vs. Immortan Joe Edit

Result: Face submits Joe

Scene #4: Jumpy and ET vow to work together to bring down Palpy's forces, they promise to face each other in a Flaming Tables match after the PPV anilEhilated comes by and complains that he's not in it. Fine, it's a triple threat, then. I guess.

Match #5 - Tag-Team Match: Atsl McFluffybottom & Interrupter Jones vs. Junpei Hyde & Eclectic Tastes Edit

Result: ET pins Jones

Match #6 - LPFWA #1 Contender Four Way Cage Match: Zanzibar Ham vs. Pyroi vs. Frederick Hope vs. Palpatine Edit

Result: Fred climbs out of the cage


Match #0 - Ric Flair Match: Ric Flair vs. Flamander Edit

Result: Flamander pins Flair

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