Interrupter Jones
Forum Name Interrupter Jones
Nickname(s) Jones, Jack
Debut 2023-05-23
Ring Intro Music

Demon Blue Full Theme

From Forum(s) LPF
Status Active
Impression Heel


Interrupter Jones is a wrestler in the LPFWA.

In Real LifeEdit

Jones is a dude that joined LPF back in 2011 and left for a few years before coming back. He's done LPs of the Gamecube Wario game and the Army Men series.

In LPFWA Season TwoEdit

Jones is a rude dude. He interrupted Fruitsniffer while Fruity was trying to be nice. He then interrupted Stichez from their match into a pin.

Season 2 Non Royal Rumble RecordEdit

Date Opponent(s) Type Result Record 1v1 Notes
2023-11-14 Simsmagic Standard Win 4-5-0 4-1-0 (80%)
2023-11-07 Eclectic Tastes & Junpei Hyde Tag-Team Loss 3-5-0 3-1-0 (75%) With Atsl McFluffybottom
2023-10-17 Zanzibar Ham Standard Loss 3-4-0 3-1-0 (75%)
2023-09-12 Boob Marley Standard Win 3-3-0 3-0-0 (100%)
2023-07-18 Zore, Gryph Hammer, Boob Marley Over The Top Rope Loss 2-3-0 2-0-0 (100%)
2023-06-20 Finalgamer, Dr. Rath Backstage Brawl Loss 2-2-0 2-0-0 (100%) BlackOut match
2023-05-30 Succinct and Punchy, Midnightlight Triple Threat Loss 2-1-0 2-0-0 (100%) Punchy was Loki
2023-05-30 Fruitsniffer Standard Win 2-0-0 2-0-0 (100%)
2023-05-23 Stichez Standard Win 1-0-0 1-0-0 (100%) INTERRUPTED
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