Forum Name Kadorhal
Nickname(s) Kad
Debut 2013-07-07
From Forum(s) LPF, SA
Status Active
Impression Heel
Biggest Enemy Kadorhal
Featured LPer

2013-08-03 - Unknown, 2023-08-08 - 2023-09-06

Member of Co-Comm Team
Beyond Face and Heel
Co-Comm Team Champion

2023-05-23 - 2023-06-20

How's it going? Betrayed anyone during a Co-Comm Title match lately?

Kadorhal's been around LPF since early 2009 and (before LPF allowed for different amounts of posts per page) would frequently make the first post on a new page of a thread, giving him his title of 'The Pagemaster.'

He primarily LPs first-person shooters and action games released on the PC, and is best-known for his Postal 2 LP.

Recently, following the removal of Black and Cyrekk from the staff, Kadorhal, along with Junpei Hyde, has been promoted to LPF moderator.

In LPFWA Season OneEdit

Kadorhal had a really poor start in the LPFWA. Debuting in a championship match for the Co-Commentary title, he inadvertently because the most disliked wrestler in the LPFWA after he refused to tag in for his partner, Mecca Prime numerous times in their match against SoapyNome and QuantumCrayons. This has led to him being the biggest heel in the league.

In the second broadcast, Mecca got his revenge on Kad in a standard match, when Mecca very handily took Kad down via submission. Since then, Kad has just become more and more over the top. Following the 2013-07-20 match with Cyrekk vs. Mecca, Kadorhal came in, brandishing a chair in an attempt to attack Mecca. Cyrekk took him out just before leaving.

Kad's career has been all downhill, and everyone agrees when they say:

"Fuck you, Kad!"

In LPFWA Season TwoEdit


Many are uncertain if Face is Kadorhal, as he refuses to take off his mask, but many figure Face is the same person as Kad.

Non Royal Rumble Record Edit

Season 2 Record Edit

Date Opponent(s) Type Result Record 1v1 Notes
2023-11-07 Immortan Joe Extreme Rules Win 5-5-0 3-2-0 (60%)
2023-10-17 Junpei Hyde Standard Win 4-5-0 2-2-0 (50%)
2023-10-03 Midnightlight Hell in a Cell Loss 3-5-0 1-2-0 (33%)
2023-09-06 Pomp Standard Loss 3-4-0 1-1-0 (50%)
2023-08-08 Danaru Standard Win 3-3-0 1-0-0 (100%) Supertar title match
2023-07-05 kalonZombie & Heavenator Tag-Team Win 2-3-0 N/A
2023-06-20 Lazyfire & Immortan Joe Tag-Team Loss 1-3-0 N/A Co-comm title match
2023-06-06 Lazyfire & Fred Hope Tag-Team Loss 1-2-0 N/A With Dash, who didn't help
2023-05-30 Frosty, Sterv Triple Threat Loss 1-1-0 N/A
2023-05-23 IGgy & Junpei Tag-Team Win 1-0-0 N/A

Season 1 Record Edit

Date Opponent(s) Type Result Record 1v1 Notes
2013-08-03 QC, Punchy, Cyrekk, Mecca, BFC Money in the Bank Loss 2-4-0 2-1-0 (66%)
2013-08-03 Rath Submission Win 2-3-0 2-1-0 (66%) Now the Featured LPer title holder.
2013-07-27 Mecca Prime Last Man Standing Win 1-3-0

1-1-0 (50%)

2013-07-20 Mecca Prime and Junpei Hyde Backstage Brawl Loss 0-3-0 0-1-0 (0%) 2v1 Handicap
2013-07-13 Mecca Prime Standard Loss 0-2-0 0-1-0 (0%)
2013-07-07 QuantumCrayons and SoapyNome Tag Team match Loss 0-1-0 0-0-0 (0%) Kad screwed Mec by almost never tagging in.
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