Featured01 Rath
Nickname(s) King of Kings, Raffi, Rath
Ring Announcer Name? British Zachary York Morgan
Billed From? The Depths of Hell
Debut 2013-07-07
Ring Intro Music

I. Hear. A. Sound.

Status Active
Impression Heel
Biggest Enemy The lack of a "Francis" in the name creator
Featured LPer

2013-07-07 - 2013-08-03

Now, I could be wrong about that, but I'm not.

Rath-Dragonatrix (commonly shortened to Rath) is a wrestler in LPFWA, and was the Featured LPer champion for a good while.

In Real LifeEdit

Rath is notable among LPF members in that he's actually able to finish LPs. He's done LPs of a variety of games. A lot of these LPs were also on the Something Awful LP subforum, so you can check out some of his work here.

Rath plays tabletop RPGs with BFC, Frosty The Dragon , Nuffkins, and Schir on a somewhat regular basis. Rath can be blamed as the primary reason that the entire party min-maxes their characters.

Rath's taste in video games seems to tend towards incredibly obscure JRPGs and visual novels. It seems safe to say that his favorite game series is the Shin Megami Tensei series.

In LPFWA Season OneEdit

Rath's career had, some may say, not the greatest start. He was a part of the inaugural show's Royal Rumble to determine the first LPF champ and Featured LPer champ. Rath was the last man eliminated by QuantumCrayons, and therefore became the first ever Featured LPer champion. However, most would say he achieved this through luck. He entered in last, giving a distinct advantage, and didn't do much beyond eliminating Krimsh. Rath would have to prove himself the following night.

On the second show of LPFWA, Rath was set to defend his title against fan-favourite Cyrekk. However, Rath proved his belt wasn't just for show and made the former mod tap out in a brutal matchup. Perhaps Rath's empty eye socket allowed him to stare through Eternity and figure out a strategy? Given his second match against Cyrekk, it certainly has, as Cyrekk fell out of that ring incredibly quickly.

Signature Moves & Finishers Edit

Finisher: Swinging reverse STO Edit

A variation of the reverse STO, this move sees Rath bend his opponent backward rather than stand side-to-side before falling into a swinging motion to drive the opponent face-first into the mat. This is currently used as a finisher by ROH Superstar Kazarian under the name of Wave of the Future, and by WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt under the name "Sister Abigail."

Non Royal Rumble RecordEdit

Season 2 Edit

Date Opponent(s) Type Result Record 1v1 Notes
2023-10-24 Boob Marley, Immortan Joe, Succinct and Punchy Fatal Fourway Loss 4-2-0 3-1-0 (75%) Supertar contender match
2023-09-26 kalonZombie Last Man Standing Win 4-1-0 3-1-0 (75%)
2023-09-06 Frederick Hope Standard Loss 3-1-0 2-1-0 (66%) Title vs. title
2023-08-01 Atsl McFluffybottom Backstage Brawl Win 3-0-0 2-0-0 (100%)
2023-07-11 Simsmagic Backstage Brawl Win 2-0-0 1-0-0 (100%)
2023-06-20 Interrupter Jones, FinalGamer Backstage Brawl Win 1-0-0 N/A BlackOut match

Season 1 Edit

Date Opponent(s) Type Result Record 1v1 Notes
2013-08-31 Kadorhal Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Win 3-1-0 3-1-0 (75%)
2013-08-03 Kadorhal Submission Loss 2-1-0 2-1-0 (67%) Fuck you, Kad.
2013-07-27 Cyrekk Inferno Win 2-0-0 2-0-0 (100%) that was super fast holy shit
2013-07-13 Cyrekk Submission Win 1-0-0 1-0-0 (100%)
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