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#1 Buscus Brawl: Midnightlight vs. Zore Edit

Yeah, it's Zore again. Winner: Midnightlight by Pinfall

Plot: People talk about their stables, everyone has a stable. They realize maybe this doesn't work.

#2 One on one - "Submission": Fruitsniffer vs. Oblivion937593 Edit

Winner: Oblivion won the submission match by pinfall

Plot: Eclectic Tastes reads from a script, but Gryph didn't get the script so Gryph improvises. Gryph and Tastes are now feuding, I guess, on November 3rd. (Translators Note: November means October)

#3 One on one - Extreme Rules: Schir vs. Jobbo Fett Edit

Winner: Schir jobs to Jobbo Fett (Schir's job is winning)

Plot: Rumors have spread that most people are abandoning their one-man stables, so they just join the most popular ones. (The ambulance in the background is actually a fridge)

#4 One on one: JamieTheD vs. Danaru Edit

Winner: Danaru wins by Submission

#5 "Last (Wo)man Standing": Cutie McFluffybottom vs. Eeevil Edit

Winner: The Last man Standing match ends by Eeevil pinning Rara

#6 LP Superstar Title Match: Pomp vs. Gryph Hammer Edit

Winner: Gryph submits Pomp

 Plot: Dash is depressed no one joins his stable. But then Galen shows up and saves the day. He convinced people to join, Dash is in the game now! (The ambulance in the background is actually an ambulance)


#0 John Cena Match: Zore vs. John Cena Edit

(The plan is for Cena to win the Buscus but don't tell him that) Winner: Spoiler: John Cena wins.

#0.5 John Cena Match: Zore vs. John Cena. Edit

Winner: Zore Punches John Cena in the Dick nine times.

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